Mr Carter, I got saddle soreness!

No matter how strong your legs, how finely tuned your heart and lungs or how expensive and lightweight your bike, if your backside starts to hurt, both your ride enjoyment and average speed can plummet. You’ll constantly be shifting around and trying to find a comfier position rather than focussing 100% on your riding and the road ahead.

Soreness and discomfort can easily ruin a ride but, if you develop actual sores, you could be off the bike for a significant amount of time.

A certain amount of soreness and even temporary redness and inflammation is inevitable with long days in the saddle but significant pain that is negatively effecting your ability to ride should be acted on immediately.

The classic saddle sore is either an infected hair follicle, known as folliculitis or a boil, known as a furuncle. Infected follicles tend to cause fairly small sores that clear up quickly but untreated boils can quickly reach terrifying proportions.

It is often advised to use Emollient Cream but bloody well don’t! you need a natural anti-inflmatory and nutrition to rebuild the skin cells. You also want to stop the chaffing from happening caused by bacteria growth so here’s our great solution combo to always have the ride of your life:

  • Post cycle– run a bath with the body oil or massage the body oil in to the are – this will diminish inflammation and boost circulation. Especially helpful if you got DOMS.
  • Body wash– you’ll feel great afterward and gives your immune system a boost in the morning

  • Everyday apply the body balm– especially if your shaving legs! This will prevent razor rashes and keep the body moisturised. Plus, keep your protected from UVA damage (that’s the ageing radiation from, not to be confused with UVB which is what burns the skin).


How to avoid saddle sores

  1. Find a saddle that fits you.
  2. Wear shorts that fit you.
  3. Use Mr Carters Essentials in body care.
  4. Wash your shorts after every wear (you dirty bugger!)
  5. Beware of hair removal before cycling.

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