Is That Spring?

Holy Molly, Spring is here, the days are longer, sunshine is plentiful (usually) but pollen is making its annual comeback.

We’ve been researching lots of ways for you to minimise your reactions & have put together a few of the easiest & best options we found:

Clean more (sorry gents). Dusting and vacuuming regularly keeps the surrounding area clear of trapped dust & pollen. Washing sheets and blankets regularly helps too. When it comes to cleaning surfaces, avoid the strong smells of many store-bought products.

Keep your windows closed. There is definitely a degree of needing to keep rooms ventilated & allow air to flow but if you’re really suffering, keeping the window open all day/ night is not going to help.

Don’t track pollen around. When you enter your home, remove your shoes and if you really want to go for it, change your clothes too (if you have a dog, wipe his paws). Wearing pollen-covered shoes and clothing inside will just spread the allergenic particles to surfaces in your home, especially upholstered furniture. Showering before bedtime can also help prevent your bedding from being exposed. Using one of our shower gels will remove the days pollen & keep you protected!

Check pollen counts. If you like to exercise outdoors, aim to do so in the morning or evening, since pollen counts tend to be highest in the middle of the day.


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