Question! Before I Buy?

So, what does the 'sports range' do?

We offer daily toiletries and body care products that concentrate on aiding body recovery, ideal for using post-training.

So, what does the 'stylish range' do?
Our Stylish Range is skin care that works on taking care of your appearance by providing key nutrition for healthy skin.

Is it complicated to use?
Not in the slightest. You wash or apply to the skin twice a day. There's also tips on the individual product pages and we post regular videos on Instagram and Facebook on how to use the products in the best way. But really you apply it to the skin, massage and let it soak in. Simple!
What happens if I don’t like the products?
Sorry, not possible.
But seriously, what happens if I don’t?
Contact us and we will help you out. We actually like hearing from our customers.
Can I drink your products?
Ideally no, we really wouldn’t recommend it. It is natural though so you could...but really.... I wouldn’t.
Is it skin care or supplements?
We class our products as nutritional body care, the products are applied like regular toiletries and skin care but also provide nutritional benefits in a similar vein to vitamin supplements.
Will it help my gains at the gym?
Yes, sort of! It will help your recovery process. But, it doesn't build muscle. You still need to eat lots of protein and maintain a healthy balanced diet.
Can I buy it in the shops?
No. We are exclusively online.
Where is Mr Carter based?
We are based in Putney, London and we make our products from a factory in Worcester, West Midlands.
How long does it take to work?

You should some visible results within the first day or so.